Good Girls Gone Trail: Patrice

Meet Patrice, another fantastic member of our Good Girls Gone Trail Team tackling the Smoky Mountain Relay! And she would like everyone to know her birthday is on February 23rd in case you all want to give her a shout out or send some gifts her way;). 

I’m originally from Stockton, CA, I now reside in the Fort Benning, GA area. My husband and I decided to put roots down here after serving 6 and ½ years in the U.S. Army we fell in love with our church and the Fort Benning surrounding areas and decided to raise our family here. We have 1 daughter  and 1 son.

I have always been an active person. The physical aspect of the Army was a true joy for me. Running was always a casual sport for me, never going over 3 miles. Yet, within the last 18 months I have caught the running fever! I have ran distances that I never would have imagined. I have ran 1 half marathon and currently training for my first full marathon. Running has brought such a joy and challenge to me. I am now trying to answer the question of how far can I go. 

Along with being a mom and a manager at Big Dog Running Company, Patrice is also an ambassador for Black Girls Run and works tirelessly to promote healthy living. She is also a bit of a speed demon running her first half at the Soldier Marathon this past fall in 1:48! On top of that she has an abundance of positive energy and always has a welcoming smile to send your way. I am sure her outgoing and positive attitude will come in quite handy around 2 a.m., hour one million, mile gazillion of the relay. Can't wait to get my relay on with this great runner!


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