Good Girls Gone Trail: Corrie

Up next the amazingly brave Good Girl Gone Trail team member Corrie! She hasn't met the majority of us but is game for spending 30+ hours in a van and running through the Smoky Mountains with us at the Smoky Mountain Relay. We love her already!

Well hey there! I first want to say I am so excited to be a part of this and I can't wait to meet everyone! Anywho, I have been a runner since middle school . It began as a fun social thing to do with all my friends but the more I did it the more I was addicted! I played sports all through high school so I did less running and more team practices. however, when I graduated high school I reminded myself of Forest Gump because I didn't know what to do so I just ran! I entered every local race I could and ended up running my first Half marathon with my sister in 2008.

 I then ran my first Marathon in 2009, I definitely recommend running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. It is a absolute beautiful course running past all the monuments.

 Since that marathon I have ran 4 half marathons and just continue to run for general health and the love it. I have yet to run another full marathon but I think this trail run might take the place of that anyway! 

All the members of Good Girl Gone Trail are super excited to meet Corrie. Thanks Corrie for being so brave and joining our team! 


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