Savannah for the win

Thank you D for taking me to Savannah! We had such an amazing time! If you get the chance to go do it!

Things to do:
-Walk the Historic District
- See Forsyth Park
- Shop in the City Market area
- Walk the Riverfront
-Explore Skidaway Island State Park
-Get a drink and wander
- Stop at points of interest from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (do not watch the movie instead- read the book, you can still watch the movie but the book is 1000 times better).
-Bonaventure Cemetery 

Places to eat/drink:
-Vinnie Van GoGos
-Crystal Beer Palace
-Leopold's Ice Cream Parlor
-Tequila's Tacos
-Pirate's House

Places to run:
-Lake Mayer- 1.5 mile loop around a lake with an awesome track
-Forsyth park- about a mile around
- Around the historic districts- lots of stop and go to cross streets

One of my favorite cities that I have visited thus far!


  1. Looks amazing, and I loved that book. Savannah is def on my list!!

  2. I have heard great things about Savannah and the pics make it look like this is the perfect time of year to visit! What a beautiful place! I am happy you liked it so much :)


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