Weekly Training: Dec. 9th - 15th

Another 55 mile week.

Monday 6 miles
Tuesday 6 miles plus 2 with C25K
Wednesday 6 miles
Thursday 7 miles plus 2 with C25K
Friday 10 miles
Saturday rest
Sunday 16 miles

Total fail on the cross training front. Though I did do some core and hip exercises on my own. My goal for this week is to get to body pump and yoga at least three times (so then maybe I get there twice). 

I have noticed that I have been in a bit of a mood lately. Mostly of the bitchy variety.

I think all this exercise might be making me a bit tired.
So sorry world if I have been less than pleasant. I will work on it.


  1. Great job on the miles!

    (The fatigue......that's what Dr. Pepper is for!)


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