Training Week: Fail

This week was a total bust in the training department. No 8x400 repeats, no 45 minute tempo run, no Saturday pancake run with people much faster than me to keep me motivated to run an unnatural speed at 6a.m., no body pump- nada.

The only thing I managed to do was Pilates on Monday and my C25K runs (followed by a decent amount of hacking) for a total of five miles this week. All because Monday night I came down with a raging cold. Total bummer and I feel like since we moved here I have been sick/ hurt ALL THE TIME. I have thrown out my back twice, had like a million colds (okay three). What the heck. So like any normal person I ordered this:

By the power of mega sized Kirkland brand vitamins I swear I will never be sick again. So I may have over reacted and good lord must all vitamins come in size horse pill? Luckily D was kind enough to not really say anything about my massive vitamin purchase when it showed up at the door. For some reason getting a package full of vitamins is just not very exciting mail. Maybe it will help. In reality it might be my exposure to a wide variety of people everyday at the gym and running store that results in sickness not some sort of fish oil deficiency. But whatever it can't hurt. Pass me the calcium.

Being sick has reinforced that I work with the best people. They are runners too so we are all high on endorphin all the time which makes work pretty fun even when sick especially when your co-worker brings you a get well bag.

Even though D was in the field all week Max volunteered to cuddle constantly to make me feel better
Just so selfless that one. 

I am hoping this coming week will be better. I know it will because it is THANKSGIVING. The most sacred of all holidays for those who love eating and pie and stuffing and pie. I am hoping to get a Pilates class, body pump, some runs and a 5K (fingers crossed for a PR) done this week. And a lot of eating. 

It is good to have goals.


  1. I hope you get better soon. New towns usually mean exposure to new germs = getting sick. Bummer. My friend is convinced she and I are both fighting illness because we struggled with our run today. LOL


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