Sweet Potato Pancakes Obtained

This morning D and I headed back to RuthAnne's for some breakfast. He has ten days off so we decided to kick it off with a fun breakfast.

This meant that I got to try the sweat potato pancakes that I have had my eye on and they were......just okay. I was actually a little bummed about them. I expected pure awesomeness so back to the veggie omelet for me next time.

Let's review training from this week and the many miles to come this weekend:

Monday: Biked 40 minutes/ lifted weights for 45 minutes
Tuesday: Ran 4 miles by myself and then 2.5 with my run group
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 4 miles at a quicker than normal pace (even got into the eights I don't know what was happening) and then 3 miles with my run group
Friday: 2 mile walk, weights for 45 minutes, yoga 20 minutes
Saturday: 10 miles planned hopefully some with run group
Sunday: 16 miles planned

Since I am still coming back from my injury- read I am scared I will hurt myself again, I am being super cautious with a rest day between most runs and then because I am scared of the marathon the weekend is dedicated to getting time on the feet and the miles in. I also walk this guy
a few miles a day and spend a lot of time stretching and rolling. 

D and I are headed to Hotlanta tomorrow to take a friend to the airport which means that I am making us detour to Ikea and a restaurant called The Vortex. I am excited for our Atlanta adventure.

Happy Weekend!
What do you have planned?


  1. Have a fun adventure in Atlanta!

    I would be worried coming back from injury, too! Do you have the two double digit days in a row just to get used to being back on your feet? It seems so intense!


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