Eat all the things

We have done some hard core eatery exploring since we got here.
This place is a pharmacy and a lunch counter where you can get the scramble dog- apparently a Columbus original. It is a Chili dog with pickles and oyster crackers. The dad in-law had it and said it was not bad.
I had a banana and peanut butter sandwich. They asked if I wanted mayonnaise on it. I opted out- what is that about? Why would that go on a pb and banana sandwich?

We also have visited this place
For D's graduation
It is pretty good and they have fried goat cheese so we will be back.

We have found a new breakfast place
Pancakes, omelets and coffee. What more could you need. They have some sweet potato pancakes on the menu I am trying next time we go.

This is a long way of saying that tonight we had salad for dinner. All about balance people.

Marathon update: Both are back on and training is going well. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it stays that way.


  1. I didn't know pharmacy lunch counters still existed! It's fun trying out all the new restaurants in a new place. Yay for marathons being back on!

  2. mmm sweet potato pancakes sounds so good! Good luck with marathon training!


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