So much catching up to do!

Where to start. So much fun the last few weeks!

Concert at Millennium Park with Cousins

City Exploring

Old Chicago Library Building Appreciating

City Street Exploring

Beer and soda appreciating

Zoo life observing

Favorite animal loving

Bear in a hammock!
Birthday celebrating with ice cream pie
Truck buying for the Husband

Glitter Toms birthday present loving- dreams come true
Plus multiple hours of elliptical action, pool running and weight lifting. Oh and I am moving to Georgia in two weeks. More on that too come!


  1. Yay again for moving. Also, love the Toms and the truck. Did you buy a truck to prep for southern pastimes, like mudding? Smart move.:)

    1. The truck was not originally for mudding but now that you mention it- yes, yes that is what it is for;). And to carry me to the deep fried Twinkies and sweet tea....right. I was told there would be Twinkies.:)

  2. Fun pictures! Looks like a good time.

    I feel like you just moved to the Chicago area. Good news, though. Georgia is close to Florida!

    1. I know! thinking that maybe we should run a race together in the near future- cause that would be amazing!

  3. Where is that Ice Cream Pie From?!!?!! I must know!!
    I miss going to the concerts in the park! So jealous!

    1. Pie is from Oberweis in Gurnee. Amazing!

  4. Yay for Spreechers! Your new Toms look beautiful as does that ice cream pie. I love the bear in the hammock picture. I wonder if he'd mind if I snuggled up to him for a mid-day nap...

    1. I know that bear is just so cute! For some reason a bear in a hammock just made me laugh so hard. It just seems ridiculous...ridiculously awesome!


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