Runskin- Chicago Marathon Tank Review

A few weeks ago Matt from Runskin emailed me asking if I would be interested in trying a few of their products. I looked up their website and was like heck yeah! This stuff is right up my ally.

A few days later and bam this beauty showed up in the mail.
I was super excited to try it. It also kind of gave me a kick in the pants to stay on it with the cross training. Fall marathon is a coming. Without being able to run I need all the motivation I can get to stay at it. Looking down and seeing all 26.2 miles I will have to run is a great way to do that. I think I will wear this for the marathon actually. If I get lost, just look down.

Cue the horrible selfies:

Pre cross training sweatfest

Post cross training sweatfest- look I am glowing -but the tank still looks good
What I love about runskin- these items are unique and reasonably priced. I think these are fun items to keep you motivated or display your accomplishments. There is even a section on their website where you can request a race. What I love about the tank- it is good quality- been washed and worn and sweated in several times and comes out looking like a champ every time. Fits a little on the loser side which I like but keep that in mind if you prefer tighter workout clothes.

 Also a great conversation starter. Hey nice shirt. Why thank you- yes, yes I am training for the Chicago marathon.

Now some runskin love for you guys:

The first two readers who comment below and email me their address at will get a Chicago marathon and runskin sticker. What shall you comment on? Anything you like. And you can put the stickers on something the right way up if you want.

 For those of you who check out the site ( and fall in love with some of their awesome items a discount code for you:
Type in love2run for 40% off + free shipping!

Now you are probably thinking- she has totally been compensated for this. And you would be correct I got an awesome tank out of the deal. And I totally love it!


  1. I saw their stuff on another blog this week and think it's so cool! Thanks for the code! How long is it good for? I could get some of these things for holiday gifts! :)

    (no stickers for me, I already have some from them!)

  2. Is that the race course on the tank? Super cute! We have a big group of folks going up to run Chicago, and I'm so excited for them (and super jealous).

  3. And you should probably just hand deliver my stickers.:)

  4. 40% off???? I've been lusting after getting one of these for myself (with the Illinois Marathon course on it) and now I just might have to!


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