Things to do when you are not running

Not running for at least an hour a day really frees up some time. 

Some non-running activities that I did this weekend include torturing Max with a four mile walk around town.

Just kidding he loved it. He would still be out walking if I could keep up.

A trip down to Milwaukee for 

 My favorite animal in sand, love it.

 A really fun festival with hundreds of artists, entrance to the art museum's galleries, live music and food. I learned my tolerance for looking at art has about a two hour time frame and then I just want a snack. I also found what I will be doing on July 27th. Thanks sign in park.

 I don't want to offend any of my Chicago peeps but I gotta say when it comes to traffic and cheap parking Milwaukee wins hands down. For around twenty bucks I had an awesome day. Five bucks can't even get me into Chicago.

 And just so I don't get to comfortable with this life of leisure and culture I am fostering I have some reads going to keep me motivated to get back out there and run.

Any exciting non-running adventures this weekend?
Or running- you can share the running ones so I can live vicariously.


  1. I love that blown glass sculpture. And a brewfest sounds like something right up my alley, unless it's crappy beer then you won't catch me dead there!!

    1. Found out it is super expensive so will probably not be attending but have decided that I should get to visiting some more breweries in the area.

  2. You missed everyone melting in the heat and getting their sun skin on!
    Non running adventures.. I got a new library card :) lol

    1. Library card- Awesome. I do love the library:)


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