Repeat: You will not freak out

I am taking more time off. My Achilles is still acting up so I am going to give it more rest. And I am trying very, very hard to not freak out and get frustrated. And I am totally nailing it...

 sort of.

Okay so I may have thrown a little fit. But since then I have decided that instead of a set back (because I am supposed to be marathon training/ preparing for my final 30 before 30 half marathon of amazingness) it is an opportunity. Hello strength training.  I have focused on increasing my strength which apparently involves these things known as muscles. I haven't really located any on me yet but apparently they will appear if I do this long enough. I think it is working. The rest of my body hurts so bad I can't even feel if my tendon is still sore.

The general plan is to not run at all next week- so that will essentially be three weeks mostly off ( a tiny attempt at running this past week doesn't really count). Hopefully this will be enough rest that I can get back at it.

Oh and I love blogging and the internet for these reasons.
1) Xaarlin over at Pain is Nothing told me that you can track shoe mileage on daily mile- um brilliant, easy and something I will actually do. If we ever meet in person I owe you a beer for this wonderful information. Thank you.
2) Yo Momma had a great and timely post for me about when you should take a running break. Yo Momma your timing could not have been better and made me feel better about my current situation.
3) Jac over at Challenged and Running in the Bike Lane talked me off the ledge by telling me not to freak out and how much better she felt about taking a break.
4) And all the other running blogs I read that keep me motivated to cross train to stay fit so I can get back at it as soon as possible.


  1. Yay A Doctor Who Gif! I'm glad you can stay sane with the running break to let yourself heal off. Bette to be healthy for the playoffs than the preseason right?

  2. It sounds like a break is just what you need! And I bet keeping that strength training incorporated will help when you start back up with running again!

  3. Yay for breaks. They really aren't the worst thing that could happen to you. Remember when I pulled my small tendon last summer - I still PR'd at my Disneyland half marathon later that summer. You can do it. Rest is good. I'm excited to find out about what muscles you're discovering!! :-)

  4. You're welcome :) I'm sure we will cross paths again soon at a race.

    You're doing the right thing by strength training and backing off running. You'll be stronger in no time!!


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