This Sunday it is marathon time again.
I am excited even though it is violating my Sunday rule.....

But seriously Sundays are for brunch and naps. Not running 26.2. More races should be on Saturday so I can continue not to move on Sundays.

Most importantly I have picked out the outfit. The weather calls for a low of 61 and a high of 81. This is about twenty degrees warmer than the Wisconsin marathon starting temps. In other words- sweaty. I will address this by wearing less clothes and bringing more water. And sunscreen- lots of sunscreen. Though I do feel that most of it ends up in my eyes. That mix of skin saving chemicals and sweat really burns.

Running skirt, target tank, Mizuno inspire 8's, Nathan hydration backpack, visor, balaga socks, moving comfort bra,

Pictures from my run this morning. 4 easy miles.

If you need me I will be carb loading. Does anyone else feel like I have been carb loading for about a month now? Oh wait I pretty much have been. 

Happy Friday!
Anyone racing this weekend? Good luck!


  1. Wow! That is gonna be hot. But the hydration pack will help a ton! Most important, have fun!!

  2. Its better do get your carb levels up over time, the day before won't do much at all. Definetly use the Hanson book on hydrating during the race!
    linky for a recent review on the method:

    I love Sunday long runs! God rests but runners don't! hah

    Happy Friday!

  3. Wow! Another marthon? You are a beast!!! Good luck this weekend and shove Ice down your sports bra to stay cool :)

    Beautiful photos!

  4. Good luck with carb loading and with the race! At least you'll be looking good--cute outfit! Love the pattern on the skirt. I'll be running the Chicagoland half, so maybe I'll see you there. :)

  5. Good luck!!! Really excited for you. Hope you beat last week's time (which I'm betting is your secret goal).

    And yes, races should be Saturdays! I have other reasons (I like being in church on a sunday) but the principle is the same. And then you have another weekend day to recover!! That's why I'm planning to do mainly trail races apart from the bigger halves that I want to do - they're always on Saturday!


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