After long runs - you know runs 15 miles or longer - I think about how many more miles a marathon is and I am just like

and then I think about how my hamstrings are tight, my feet are sore, my upper body is tired, my abs have given up- basically I have turned into a giant ball of whiny pain and then begin thinking

marathons are just too much but then I read about the ultra adventures of Yo Momma RunsFast Corey and 50 Marathon in 50 States and I am all an ultra seems like a great idea. Just maybe not this ultra that my friend warned me about which is her way of saying 'I know you are crazy so just a heads up this is off limits'. But seriously I want to do an ultra one day and I found this one near family so I am thinking next year maybe I can convince them to be my crew or at least come pick me up and carry me to bed. And if you could throw me in the shower too at some point that would be great, thanks.

So I need a 'Bean wants to be stronger so she doesn't keel over on the long run' plan for all my future marathons and ultras I want to do.

Plan of Action:

  • Ab workouts a few times a week (planks, exercise ball moves, etc)
  • Work on upper back, arm, shoulder strength (push-ups, lift weights)
  • Squats and lunges and calf raises are my friend
  • As always embrace the cross training- and stop just freakin talking about it
What strength training moves do you do?
Do you cross train?
What is your favorite cross training activity?


  1. I swear, there is something wrong with me, so don't read too much into what I say :D

  2. You can totally do it! I have to say that (based on my one lonely ultra) that ultras are my fave because you could sit down and have a picnic in the middle and it is totally acceptable. Eating snacks is encouraged. None of this only GU eating business that marathons tend to promote.


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