For the Win

The other day my husband asked me if I was going to win my age group at the marathon.

Just so we are clear:
Number one marathon goal- finish.
I was gonna say don't poop myself- but feel that should just be a given.
Thank you hubby for believing in me and yes, maybe one day I will win my age group.
Dream big!

Fun Fact:
In 2006 I ran the Colorado marathon.
My first and only so far.
It took me 5 hours and 33 minutes and 28 seconds.
2:20 for the 1st half and 3:13 for the second half.
If there are no disasters or getting distracted by something shiny,
I see a possible PR in my future

Another Fun Fact:
The marathon is probably all you will hear about between now and May 4th when I actually run the darn thing.
I apologize in advance.


  1. Feel free to talk about it all the time, isn't that the point of the blog? I reckon a PR is 100% guaranteed. I would also recommend taking at least one imodium before you start!

    1. I think so. Blogging the best way to talk about yourself and running without actually forcing anyone to listen to you;).

  2. Which Marathon are you running btw? I can't wait until I actually have potential to place....which probably won't be for years, oh well! I run because I love it and it challenges me.

    1. I am running the Wisconsin marathon on May 4th in Kenosha:)And then I will eat some cheese ;).


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