Push It

This weekend I decided to throw caution to the wind and push it to test my fitness. I feel like training has been going well. Even though most of it has been on the treadmill, so far so good.

Saturday I started with a ten minute mile pace warm-up for half a mile.Then got to work running at an average 8:43 pace. A pace I hardly ever hit unless it is during a race. I was pretty spent after but felt good.

Sunday when I got up my legs were tired but I thought hey this is happening
Snow, snow, snow
so let's see what we can do inside. I decided to do a ten mile progressive run that went a little something like this:
Mile 1- 10:31- easy peasy
Mile 2- 10:20- oh yeah I got this no problem
Mile 3- 10:10- I am gonna rock these 10 miles on a treadmill- I am the treadmill queen
Mile 4- 10:00- Comfortable at this pace, maybe too comfortable
Mile 5- 9:50- kickin it up a notch oh yeah
Mile 6- 9:40- huh this notch is kind of hard
Mile 7- 9:30- what the heck bring on the pain
Mile 8- 9:20- oh this is a lot of pain, can my legs even go this fast, how do people run 5 minute miles, my brain does not compute
Mile 9- 9:13- am I gonna throw up? I might throw up....nah false alarm. 
Mile 10- wavering between 9:30 and 9:13 while trying not to black out. 

So probably not something I should do every weekend but it was a good confidence builder. I like pushing the pace. Not really during, or immediately after but once I have some time and distance away from the workout and have fully recovered with a snack I can appreciate it more.

Goooooo speed!

Now I need your help:
Question- there is a half marathon on March 24th the day of a long run. I think at least 20 miles. So the question becomes do I try and incorporate this in as a long run because I really like the idea of someone else supporting my long run and getting a medal and a shirt. That seems like a win. Coordinating the other seven miles can get a bit tricky but is doable. But there is a bit of stop and go involved with training this way. Warm up miles, stop wait for start, do the race, stop wait for medal and gather goodies, finish run.
So what do you think?
Half marathons as part of long runs or not?


  1. That's a tough one on the half. Any time I plan to do the miles after a race, I always talk myself out of them. If I were you and a better version of me, I would do them before the race. You won't go as fast for the race, but you'll get the most out of the crowd power.

  2. As part of my marathon training last year I had a 20 miler scheduled on the same day as a half marathon. I got up early and ran 7 miles before the race and ran the race at my long run pace to get to 20 miles. I actually had a really great time doing that, so if a plan like that would work for you, I'd encourage you to try it. I think it would suck to run the race and then have to run additional miles, though. Being done at the finish line is a nice feeling.

  3. I know a lot of people do the miles after the race, and I do not know how! After a medal, beer and food, I'm done. I guess you'd be wise to not indulge in all of that, but then, what's the fun in a race? If I was going to do it, I think I'd have to do the miles before the race (no matter how ridiculously early it is, I think that would be better).

  4. I think it would be easier to do the 7 miles before the race too, although I've always wondered how people manage that. I know that for me, if I stop for any extended period of time, there is no getting started again :S I do think the race atmosphere would help though.

  5. I just found your blog off of challenged and running in the bike lane. I loved reading the reviews of Tucson/Arizona races... never been able to read recaps of those before! Im so sad you moved, because I could use someone to run in front of me on long runs as motivation :) I dont know many Tucson runners... Youre faster than me, youre where I would love to be pace wise :) Glad I found your blog!

  6. I suggest doing it before the race and using it as a warmup..so much easier having the support for the later miles!! I actually ended up getting a PR on my half marathon (my current half PR) the day I did this so you never know what will happen :)

  7. I've never incorporated a race into longer runs (I've had a few that magically were the proper length for training) but I think I'd have to agree with everyone above. If you are going to do it, run those extra miles first then the race. Once you have your medal you might not want to do anymore. I know I wouldn't.

  8. I am pretty sure I would die if I tried to do any additional distance after a race. Even if it feels like I didn't run my hardest, and even if my paces are "slow" - it still feels like just the effort would prevent me from being able to do that.

    With that said. I know people do it.


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