The Ultimate Bean Experience

Family visiting is the perfect excuse to head to the Jelly Belly factory up the way a bit. The most magical place in the world. 

 You can take a tour around the facility- which is actually just a distribution center. I feel comfortable knowing there is a large quantity of jelly beans within a ten mile radius of my house.

We got to ride a train. A tiny train.

Jelly Belly art

The best part of the tour was the end where we got a free bag. It lasted about a minute. This weekend's runs have been fueled by Jelly Belly.

Nine miles tomorrow which might be in sleet but will not lack carbs. 


  1. When I was in Kenosha for the Wisconsin 1/2 (one of my faves) we visited Jelly Bean factory as well. Loved the area with free samples of all the flavors :)

  2. Awww..I love touring candy factory's!! We use to tour the Hershey one in CA when I was a kid. Ahh..the good ol' days!


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