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I have popped my aching hip back into place. And I owe the sweet, sweet relief to my friend Kait. On Friday I got the most glorious Facebook message. 'Hey your jacked up hip might be torsed sacroiliac joint, look it up'. And she was right. After I did a couple of the exercises, body manipulations, and asked D to help torque me back into place- bam, it felt better.

Glorious. Kait I love you- THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will now be contacting you for all my running needs since you apparently know everything and are pure magic.

 I woke up this morning ready to run my butt off but as it is super windy, rainy, and cold out I hesitated. Then I was all ready to jump on the treadmill but got distracted by drinking coffee. The coffee must have got the blood flowing to the brain because then I was like - maybe don't run today. You just started to feel better yesterday, maybe give it a whole 24 hours crazy. So instead I will do my hip exercises a few times today and plan to run big this week. By run big I mean actually run.
Plan for the week:
Main goal: keep hip in place
Mon: 3 miles treadmill (so can jump off if things feel off- plus it is extra cushy compared to road so that is a win)/ hip exercises / abs
Tue: Strength & yoga
Wed: 3 miles/ hips/ abs
Thur: Strength & yoga
Fri: 3 miles/ hips and abs
Sat: Strength and yoga
Sun: 6 mi/ hips & abs
Plus stretch, stretch, stretch
- This week if all goes well and I at least get 10 miles in- 1000 mile goal for 2012 done!!!!

The rest of this weekend has been composed of

Champagne hoarding- every time I see a bottle I have to buy it, so last night we celebrated that it was Saturday night because we could.
Hershey Kiss hoarding- couldn't just buy one flavor- there are three compartments to fill up. 

Getting motivated for 2013. Year of the marathon, year of PRs hopefully and year of getting stronger overall. 2013 I have big plans for you. 
How was your weekend?
Does anyone else think champagne should constantly be on hand or do I have some sort of problem?
How many miles have you run this year?


  1. YAYYY! I am so so so glad that it worked! Sweet release huh? xoxox! YOU'RE THE BEST! Chat soon!

  2. That is awesome! I wish there was something magical to make my ankle stop being a pain.. and the ITB.

    And congrats (to be) on the 1000 miles!

  3. What a knowledgeable friend you have, Def a keeper. Although I don't have champagne on hand, I would never turn down a mimosa!
    I'm just about to break 900 miles this week - sigh no 10000 miles for me


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