Active Recovery

After yesterday's race I was feeling quite sorry for myself. My hip was sore, not my best race. Waa, waa, waa. Whoa is me. But after refueling with chocolate milk a double vodka tonic (I like potatoes, fried, mashed, baked, triple distilled) which D made me in the very appropriate I'm Very Bitter glass,

and rolling the crap out of my IT band I felt much better about life. 

Spent the rest of the day in triple sweats and slipper socks. The cold weather and I do not see eye to eye. 

This morning I woke up and ran a mile on the treadmill to keep the streak alive. Then did an hour of yoga and felt pretty good. The hip is still a little sore but already feeling better.

Therefore the plan for the week is to run a mile a day and alternate between lifting weights and doing yoga. No running except to continue the streak. I can always bike if I feel the need for more cardio (my guess is I won't). I was in need of a break and this seems like a good time to take one. I can start focusing on my strength and flexibility which I have apparently been wanting to do for awhile and yet never actually do. No excuses now.


  1. I love that glass! And a double vodka tonic isn't too shabby either.

    I can't get into yoga. I know it's good for me, but I find it boring. And I always have a dog right in my face when I'm trying to do it.

  2. I love that yoga mat. And that glass. I need both.

  3. That glass is awesome. I'm glad you're resting but keeping the 1 mile going. I do need to get back in to strength training, too. But right now, I need to get settled in the habit of early morning runs!


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