Hot Date with Yo Momma

It started with a message that went a little like this from one of my favorite bloggers "hey going to be in Chicago we should meet up and be best friends". Okay the last part might not have happened but my blog, my story.

Anywho I scored a hot date with Yo Momma and her hubby. Run blogger dream realized.

I grabbed the train straight to

I was nervous, the fact that I am a big socially awkward nerd was going to be known. Oh wait everyone already knew that, never mind. But I was nervous...what if she wouldn't take the other half of the best friend necklace I had made. Okay that last part is not true. I always wait until the second hot date to present the necklace. You gotta earn it.

Stuffed my face while chatting about running, family, life, etc.

 It was kind of surreal to meet someone who I felt I knew a little bit and then reconcile that with the actual live person sitting in front of me who, just because I read their blog, does not mean I really know them. Lucky for me Yo Momma is awesome in real life just like she comes across on her blog. Plus she wears glasses which is something I can get behind.

Apparently her husband is in agreement with my husband in thinking meeting up with complete strangers is weird. But I think Yo Momma summed it up perfectly- blogs are like eharmony for friends. Reading other running blogs allows me to have someone I can relate to. For someone in a new place with no run friends in the area and, now that I think about it, have seen three other runners the entire time I have lived here, meeting and talking with a fellow runner is nice. Sometimes it is nice to know that you are not the only person with a pair of compression socks for every day of the week and the fact that you have three marathons on your wish list for next year is completely normal (well completely normal for other crazy run bloggers like me).

Thank you Yo Momma and Yo Hubby for meeting me for dinner! It was great to meet you and I hope that we have lots of meet ups in the future, and if I may select the location perhaps here.

And in case you didn't notice I got my hair cut: cue awkward hair picture


  1. The title of this post made me laugh.

    Cute photo of both of you glass-wearing ladies! Love the new haircut.

  2. Your hair looks LOVELY!!! And I'd love to meet Yo Momma as well :) I met two run-bloggers this weekend and it was so much fun!

  3. Your hair looks great! It's awesome that you got to meet another blogger :)

  4. I love meeting internet friends in real life! And my partner thinks it's bizarre as well. Poor things, they don't know how cool we really are! Glad it worked out well.

  5. Way cute hair. How exciting you and Yo Momma got to meet up - I'm jealous!! I would love to meet both of you!!

  6. Ha! I was keeping my BFF necklace in my pocket waiting for the right moment to bring it out.:) And I was definitely wearing compression socks that night! It was so fun to meet you, and hopefully it will be happening again in Champaign!!


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