Double Header Weekend.

So Saturday I am doing this half marathon:

Sunday I am doing this half marathon:
The last time I did this it was this past spring running the Palos Verdes and Pasadena half marathons. It was tough but fun and I felt like a bad ass after. Yep I just ran two half marathons back to back....I am kind of a big deal.

The game plan for this weekend is this:
Run hard at the trail race.
Run/ take pictures/ enjoy being in the city for the Monster Dash.

No time goals really. Though breaking two hours is always floating around in my mind. I want to go out and enjoy the fall weather and beautiful courses of both races. And of course get some sweet medals!


  1. I seriously can't imagine running 2 half marathons back to back like that, you're amazing! Good luck this weekend :)

  2. Crazy girl...brave girl...good luck!!!

  3. I hope the Monster race has a bad ass medal to match your BAD ASS self!!

  4. I love the back 2 back races! Its something ive always wanted to do, but usually im injured to some degree :(

    I cant wait to hear how both races went. Especially the monster dash! I really wanted to do that one but with the injury crap ive had for the past month I couldnt justify registering if i wasnt 100%

    And... You totally should have said hi today! It's also not surprising that you noticed the hambear- he is quite distinctive looking :) I may look like a focused hardcore runner (hehe) but im just looking for squirrels before 50lbs of dog spots them and catches me off guard with an all out sprint. Hello to you! :) Hope the races went well!


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