Long Runs are for Losers

On the schedule: 16 miles
Reality: Sleeping in, ate a cinnamon roll, sipped coffee and knew there was no way in H, E double hockey sticks I was going for a run today. Yesterday's run sucked. But usually I can move on pretty quickly but for whatever reason I am not into it. My hip hurts, my ankle is slightly swollen and I have a bad attitude about the whole thing = running sucks. The idea of one mile is too much let alone anything in double digits. I need a rest.
ohh shove it
Long story short: no long run this week (unless you count yesterday's 10 which I totally do).

Instead I got D out of bed to go walking with me. Ahhhhh marriage. We hit up a new bike bath for some bonding time with nature at a leisurely pace.

Max loves nature

Plan for this coming week:
Mon: X-train- find a bike or a weight and use it
Tue: 4 miles/ yoga
Wed: 8 miles
Thurs: Rest/ yoga
Fri: 7mi
Sat: 4 mi
Sunday: Try number 2 for 16 miles

I am sure by Tuesday's run I will have adopted this philosophy and be back to running.
And because we are all in need of a funny


  1. Yeah, sometimes you just aren't feeling it. I have those days. Good to rest and come back with a better feeling and really get after that long run!

  2. Oh crap, that last picture was hilarious! 10 totally counts as a long run. It's weird how once we start running distance, we question whether or not 10 miles counts as a long run. But I have totally done that and wondered when my running expectations got so freaking high. Not long ago, I felt very confident that 2 miles was a long run.


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