Plan for the Week and Marathon Dreams

Random: The best thing about BBQ's is the left over fruit salad to eat. Yum!

Moving on. Reading the latest edition of Runner's World has stoked the 'I want to run a marathon' fire. Especially because there is a marathon plan in there 

 and start dates for one marathon in particular I want to do, the Portland marathon. I have already pretty much done the first week two weeks ago so could jump in on week two and make the magic happen.
Just three little problems:
1) As mentioned (whined about?) before our lives are kind of uncertain right now so committing to something so far in the future might be setting myself up for failure (failure= not being able to actually run this)
2) This race is pricey for #1 to happen, plus I would be super sad.
3) I have this fear of getting injured and throwing off my 30 before 30 goal. (and would Portland count for two 1/2s, one 1/2, no 1/2, hmmmm?)

I think I will start the training program since it has hills, speed, easy days all the things that would be good for me. Plus one of my goals has been to increase my mileage and this training plan would for sure do that. And see what the future brings. Maybe the Portland marathon, maybe some other one, but for sure I will be increasing my long runs, working on speed, and hopefully be less of a baby about hills (I am a dreamer).

Plan for the week:
Monday: am: walk/ pm zumba
Tuesday: am 3 mi easy pm muscle pump
Wednesday: am 6 mi hills/zumba
Thursday: am walk/ pm muscle pump (I am skeptical too that this will happen)
Friday: am 6 mi easy/ pm fun!
Saturday: am 3mi/ pm maybe zumba
Sunday: am 9 mi/ pm maybe yoga


  1. I need to plan out my race schedule as well. I'm thinking of doing more local races in 2013.

    1. You should do the half in Sedona for sure. That was one of my favorites and is kind of a fun getaway. The Fiesta Bowl 1/2 has a sweet medal and the course is ok and it is in Scottsdale. The Arizona half would be a good one too.

  2. I love the marathon for all the reasons you listed. You put sooo much work into it, so when it doesn't work out, it's really sad. But when it does work out, it makes you really happy!! Maybe you could train but wait to register until the time gets closer. You might pay more, but save more if it doesn't work out.


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