Road Trip!

Today I had a very productive day. I took a nap and then went and got a massage. Thanks Groupon for this screamin deal.

Gotta say feelin pretty good. I also got around to packing. First I had to decide on my race outfits (feeling like the races are a go, even if it turns out to be a run/walk situation). Most important wardrobe of the weekend.

Goals for Palos Verdes Half: Finish
Goals for Pasadena Half: Finish
I feel like a no pressure weekend is in order. My plan before I got sick was to run 8 miles on Sat. and 8 miles on Sun. to try to see how it feels to run a lot of miles back to back. Obviously that did not happen so I haven't run since Friday. I will be very well rested for these halves. My left hip is still kind of off so taking it easy is probably a good thing. Or maybe I can just run it into submission. We shall see.

I also decided that my freezer had reached its limit of brown old frozen bananas. Banana muffins are needed.

Ta da
California Rocks Road Trip to commence in T minus 14 hours. 


  1. That's the only way I can afford a massage. The problem is when I find a really good one, and I want to go back for full price. Have fun this weekend!

  2. Have a fabulous trip! I'm glad you feeling well enough to give the races a shot. California rocks!


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