Giant Margarita's & Irritation

Things have been pretty non-runny around here lately. That is not entirely true. I ran 16.6 miles this week but I wanted to run between 26-29. But no my hip had to be a big old baby and was like:
 'hey, hey head case who just ran up Mount Lemmon the day
 before yesterday and is not forcing us to run five miles followed 
by strength training involving squats and lunges. This is not happening.
 And for your stupidity you get a sore groin and hip and a weird butt 
pain that just won't quit. Now face palm yourself.'

But no oh no I still had to go on an 8.6 mile run and a 4 mile run before my brain registered the fact that my hip was very, VERY unhappy. So today no long run. And we shall see about the running this week. I have become very close with my foam roller, stick and baseball in my effort to roll away the pain from every part of my body that might be contributing to it. So at least this has resulted in stronger bonds with those torture devices. It hurts so good.

On a happier note it was D's birthday and we celebrated hardcore.

Food truck find

Mmmm burgers are delicious

Can I get a refill?

Dang this is heavy
Cool cat Max
Max was so hung over the next day he had to wear sunglasses inside. Just kidding. We actually just like to torture him by dressing him as a human. Happy Birthday D!


  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Bean! My hip has been killing lately too. Have you ever tried rolling. I'm thinking about it but haven't bought one yet. I think my gym has one, so I'm going to try it tomorrow.

  2. I like the size of your drinks! Hope the hip feels better!


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