Fairy Godmother & Easter Bunnies

Yesterday my friend C came over bearing ice cream, candy and gossip magazine gifts. Have a sneaking suspicion she might be my fairy godmother. 

This morning D & I woke up to a visit by the Easter bunny. Our neighbor had left us a basket full of Easter candy on our driveway. He is the best neighbor ever, watches our house when we are gone, gives me gardening advice (or informs me on how not to kill everything I plant) and leaves candy at our front door. Doesn't get any better than that.

Got an Easter card with Subway gift card in the mail from my parents. They are only feeding the weird turkey foot long on wheat with lots of veggies addiction I have developed. And I love them for it. Thanks guys!

And since this is a running blog. Got my ten mile run in this morning. First long run I have done in a while that didn't end with a medal and official race time. I have been lazy about long runs. But no more. 

It was a little slower than what I would like ( I have this dream that I wake up one morning and can run multiple miles in the 7:30s, hasn't happened yet but you will be the first to know when it does). But the fact that I woke up on a Sunday and ran a decently long way.....feelin pretty good about that!


  1. This makes me want to be a better neighbor! Great long run. I think we all have those dreams of being faster. Every race, I have that dream right at the start. Then at some point I feel awesome and again at some point I want to trip and die. So many emotions with racing!

  2. Awesome friend! Awesome neighbor! Awesome parents! Awesome run!


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