Bags are Packed: Lets do this

I have completed an absolutely magical feat. I packed for an entire weekend in only a carry on. I know, I know you would think two days of travel would involve at least three trunks and two large suitcases but no I am going minimalist.
Too much for two days?

I was going to bring my  magic stick along for my cranky calf muscles (who are about to get way crankier after this half) but kept having this vision of TSA confiscating it and me flying off the handle because it is my new obsession and I am in love with it and then having to call my husband/ sister/ parents and report that no I will not be going to CO for the weekend because I am in jail for assaulting a TSA agent. So I left it at home. Saving myself some possibly serious drama. No, I don't know what is wrong with my brain.

I will miss thee stick.

And I of course have only packed the finest reading material

So adieu dear Tucson for the weekend. I will not be missing the nearly 100 degree weather (sorry D and thanks for staying home with our dog children, you are the best!)


  1. Have a great weekend! I am in awe of your packing skills. And, I just started Born to Run...I love it so far.


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