I'm Sexy & I Know It

Once again the race photographers have captured some real gems. From the Arizona Distance Classic:

In other news I finished the Hunger Games Trilogy and loved it. I am not sure I want to see the movie though. Would the film version ruin it for me? 

I also have some new shoes. I ordered them awhile ago off running warehouse and they were around $50, After the half on Sunday my legs have been a little sore, more than usual. After thinking about it I realized my current Nike's have probably around 400 miles on them. Since I am a heavier runner that is about all they can take. 

So these bright white wonders are for the longer distances and the old Nike's are only for treadmill and shorter distances. I like having two pairs of shoes to switch between. Seems to relieve some aches and pains to have different shoes and now that I am running more days back to back seems like a good idea.

And to wrap up this rambling I ran six miles in 59 minutes Tuesday which means tomorrow is dreadmill speedwork death day.....if you couldn't tell I am already super excited about it. super


  1. great race photos. I've read the HG trilogy but have yet to see the movie yet because I've been super busy. I've heard AMAZING things about it though in regards to a great adaptation.. see it!

  2. I really like that first photo. I love the scenery! I think I say this every time ... sorry if you're getting tired of it. It's just so different than here.

    And, good call on new shoes! I couldn't figure out some weird, random knee and foot pains, but they were healed by the power of a new pair of shoes.

    1. The scenery is really pretty here, even if it is prickly. It gets less pretty as it gets hotter out...or maybe it is my attitude that gets less pretty.


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