Fun with Cactus on the Staycation

This week is spring break....which means fun. Or at least more fun than usual. And since D has to work this week I must have fun for the both of us and also means a staycation for me. To kick off the staycation I went hiking with A this morning in Sabino Canyon which is one of my favorite places.

Paved trail so pokey and poisonous things can't touch me, just the right amount of nature
Mile 0 of the 7.4 mile round trip

Sign cracks me up every time, not sure why because that stick bicycler is in serious trouble

After our three hour stroll I forced A to Fleet Feet with me so I could buy new arch support inserts (stupid flat left foot, you make my life difficult) and KT tape to try to tape my arch feel better. I almost caved and bought orthopedic flip flops. Yep that is right, orthopedic, so that is happening now. They were pretty cute so that made it better but also pretty expensive to I decided to think about it for awhile. After flip flop indecision 2012 A and I headed to lunch at Renee's Organic Oven. Delicious.

For five bucks I got a slice of pizza with two toppings and an iced tea. Not a bad deal. I would eat there again.

The restaurant was very cute with great art. I loved this tree painting and wanted to stuff it in my over-sized handbag but it wouldn't fit. 

Not a bad start to the week. I also sprayed weeds and did some domestic duties which is not fun at all but needs to be done I guess. On the agenda this week is lunch and dinner with various friends. Errand running and fun reading. More weed pulling (boo). More hiking. Running including a pub run on Friday. Maybe some swimming. And perhaps a little napping! Not a bad staycation at all!


  1. The landscape is so pretty (and different) there! I love looking at your photos. Glad you are enjoying your break.


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