Sedona Half Eve

After work today D & I struck out on a road trip to Sedona which is about a 3&1/2 hour drive from Tucson.

On the way there we stopped at the most beautiful rest stop I have ever seen about an hour outside Sedona

and had a photo shoot. When we got into to town we headed straight over to packet pickup.

The pick up area was in the Tlaquepaque shopping village. Really easy to find with big banners leading the way to the pick-up area and plenty of parking. 

Tlaquepaque shopping village

Tlaquepaque shopping village

Tlaquepaque shopping village

Packet pick-up
Number secured- ready to race
After grabbing the race packet we wandered around the shopping area.... and I found my spirit animal

No silly, not this

The mighty swine, the original plodder!
His name is "Eat More Beef" and I love him. I tried to convince D that we could fit him in the back of the car but it was a no go. Pesky voice of reason.

We also came across this terrifying clown hat that creeped the bejezus out of me.Why, oh, why would you want this on your head. Bleh
But the dog one is pretty cute

After wandering we headed over to the Oak Creek Brewery for an early dinner. 

The brewery was pretty empty and we were seated right away of course it was only 4:30p.m. D ordered the sampler platter of beer. I tried them all and decided that I am still not a fan of beer.

I ordered this delicious ham and pineapple pizza for dinner and D had a burger. Overall pretty good and quick service and the food was delicious. To top off our face stuffing I drug D over to the candy shop located below the brewery and found some cinnamon bears....and a giant chocolate peanut butter thing I wanted and was the size of a small child's head. I stuck to the bears but next time chocolate peanut butter are mine. 

Exhausted from all our exploring and eating we headed to our hotel the Days Inn Kokopelli Suites a $50 find on It was really located in the village of Oak Creek and was about a fifteen minute drive to the heart of Sedona but for $50 worth the drive.

 Dumping out the race packet I was attacked by a forest worth of paper which was a bit unnecessary but the race shirt is a fun color.

 After a few hours of house hunters it was lights out around 9p.m. in preparation for the 8a.m. start and a million hills.


  1. not a fan of beer?!?! Oh my. Glad to hear you were able to pace appropriate via the altitude. Looking forward to the recap

  2. I've never been to Sedona but your pics make me want to visit! It looks beautiful.

    Good luck!!!!!!!

  3. I like the color of the shirt. It is fun!


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