The Lost Dutchman Half Race Review

This morning the alarm went off at 5:20 a.m.for the Lost Dutchman race. After getting dressed,

Hello running skirt, I love you and your three pockets
Also wore the Aspaeris short underneath- magical
 we headed out the door by 5:50 and drove about 30 minutes (while downing a peanut butter cliff bar) to get to the race start at Prospector Park. Parking was already full in the parking lot so we parked on the road. Glad we didn't get there any later or it would have been quite a hike to the start. I left A in the car to stay warm since her 10k started later than my race and after hitting the bathroom headed to the start line. I didn't carry my camera this time since my goal was to push the whole race and when I take pictures I tend to get distracted (ooo look a butterfly). So this is just mostly words. Lots and lots of words.

There was plenty of porto-potties and real bathrooms as well since we were in a park. The race start had pacing areas by mile time. I started in the 10 minute mile area. The race started right on time though there was no real announcement about anything and the race start was just a gun shot, no national anthem or music. This lack of announcement seemed to cause a bit of confusion since there was a half, 10k, 8k and fun run. The race was held on roads the whole way. The roads were completely shut down to traffic so that was nice. There were also aid stations every mile. The either had water or water and GU brew. Near mile six and seven they had gu for everyone. I lost my bic band somewhere on the course. Not sure how that happened but it was not on my head at the finish. Sad day.

 The course was out and back. From the website I had created a fantasy course where there were no real hills. From website:  "You will notice a gradual incline as you run toward Superstition Mountain and an equivalent decline on the way back. There are no significant hills."

So in my mind the course was supposed to be like this:
The first 6.5 miles
The last half of the race
Yes I am aware that on a loop course this configuration is impossible but I am a dreamer

What it felt like was this:

Overall it would probably be better characterized as rolling hills. There were no monster hills but you felt them. It was definitely more challenging than I had anticipated. But I pushed hard the whole way. In the end I had ridiculous locker room slogans going through my mind.
"Leave it all on the field" (not sure what field)
"Pain is weakness leaving the body"
"Push it"
and my personal favorite "If you don't puke you aren't trying"

Well there were no fields and I didn't puke but it wasn't pleasant. 

Bam medal and a cactus
Official Finish Time: 2:08:33 (not a new PR I guess but this is definitely a non-downhill course PR)

1 9:17.4
2 9:18.9
3 9:31.1
4 9:02.6 (Um that is pretty sweet mile time)
5 9:36.8
6 9:55.6
7 10:21.0
8 9:36.4
9 10:25.2
10 11:13.2 (this is a less sweet mile time)
11 10:13.4
12 9:27.1
13 9:31.0
14 1:02.3

Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 2:09:27
Chip Time 2:08:33
Overall Place 598 / 1109
Gender Place 266 / 615
Division Place 50 / 76
Pace 9:49
5Ktime 29:17
5Kpace 9:26
Halfway 1:00:03
Halfpace 9:10
10Mtime 1:38:25

Overall even though I didn't hit super close to two hours I still got my A goal and was really happy with how I pushed the pace the whole time. And my pace seemed to be more consistent this race so I am happy about that. 2 hours is still elusive and I think I will have to run consistent 9 minute miles to hit 2 hours (and yes with the math that works out). I think I will need to focus on running tempo or speed work to get closer to that eventually.

A did awesome in the 10k with a new PR. Whoohooo. The great thing about this race is every distance gets a medal at the end. I think that is really nice.

Me and A and our awesome medals.

Another medal in the collection- one of my favorites I think

After crossing the finish line and getting my medal I was handed a bottle of water and we headed to the food area. After waiting in line for awhile there was bagels, bananas and oranges, cookies and breakfast burritos. It was kind of a slow moving line but there seemed to be plenty for everyone. After a quick snack we headed back to our hotel to shower. We were able to get a late check-out so that was helpful. We headed to the Good Egg for Brunch. 

Veggie skillet, yummy.
After brunch we drove the 2 1/2 hours home. After the race we also purchased a long sleeve t-shirts. They were only $8 and I had to have one. It matches the tech shirt. Love it.

Overall this race had an okay course, good course support and an awesome medal. It was well organized and easy to find. The race announcements could have been better and it seemed like they needed more parking. I am not sure I would do the half again but if I ever graduate to marathons I think I would like to try this one. That is supposed to have a fun start with campfires and there is aid stations every mile. Overall it was a great time!


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