The Luck of the Irish

Anniversary dinner update: for those of you worried I might have poisoned D after seeing that cake I made, fear not, dinner was perfect. And he even said he liked the cake.

Garlic pork loin, mustard dill red potato salad and a roll. Delicious.
 Moving on.
Last night D & I headed to the Fleet Feet St. Patty's Day Pub Run sponsored by Saucony. I wore this outfit because it was 80 degrees out and swear that the top is more green than it appears in this picture. Plus my socks are green.

Wore my sweet new Razzy Roo headband

 When you got there you could try out Saucony shoes for the three mile run. I got to try these bad boys out, the Guide 5. I liked them. They had an 8mm drop instead of the normal 12mm. I really like trying out new shoes on an actual run. Wish I could do that all the time.

Love the coloring of these shoes, no that is not important but still they are really cute.
 After shoeing up the group headed out on a 3 mile out an back through a neighborhood to the river wash and back. D and I ran together most of the way until he left me in the dust at the end. Not cool.

 After turning in the shoes we got to try we headed to the Nimbus Bistro for a beverage.

Take note I am drinking a beer and I liked it. Not sure if it was because I was hot, thirsty, hungry, it was free or it just tasted good. Too many factors but I drank a beer instead of my normal vodka tonic/ girly drink of choice. We also got water bottles for participating. There was a raffle for a free shirt but sadly we did not win.

Thumbs up for beer and free water bottles
After acquiring all of our free stuff we headed out to McDonald's for shamrock shakes. Nothing says Happy St. Patty's Day like green ice cream.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.


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